She’s Got Medals

Surprise: I had another GA shift this Tuesday — even though I usually have it once in two weeks, and there’s been only a week since the last one.

The reason? Well, there was an opportunity — one of my classmates asked if anybody wanted to switch, — and I went for it, because next Tuesday a lot of great people are coming to the J-School to receive Missouri Honor Medals, and I really want to go to their master classes. Which wouldn’t be possible if I had to be on my shift that day.

And guess what I ended up writing about today? Exactly: the medalists and those master classes they are going to give. Here’s the story, and I wouldn’t be able to put it shorter, since all these people are really very interesting and there’s a lot to tell about them.

Not much to add here, either. And I really look forward to next Tuesday.

Oh yeah, and it was the least stressful GA shift yet, because all I had to do was to find some information about these great journalists and news organizations (and at least I know something about journalism, instead of, say, the Columbia City Council or the Missourian weather records). I guess I deserved it in a sense, since I had to write stories about dead people three times in a row before that, you know.


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